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I’m James Yee, owner of The Lord .biz. The Lord Biz is my blog that provides resources and sharing about our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Biz aims to reveal the lord Jesus Christ by recommending Christian books, Christian music, Christian movies, bibles and sermons for your blessing.

Books and sermons from Ministers or authors include Andrew Wommack, Benny Hinn, Charles Spurgeon, E W Kenyon, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Martin Lloyd Jones, Martin Luther, Max Lucado, Rick Warren, Smith Wigglesworth and many more. James yee - owner of The Lord Biz


As for myself, I was born again in New Creation Church in Singapore since 26 Aug 2004. I was facing challenges with my work earlier 2004. My mother recommended me a woman who could be possessed by her “lady god”. Supposedly, the “lady god” could gave advise and help me out of my situation. So I was told via the mouth of that woman that I should donate and volunteer my time and services to temples. I followed those advices only to find myself went out of job. I felt like I’d been cheated.

One day, I met one of my long lost friend – Don. He was a football bookie when I knew him; that day, his name card states his designation as Managing Director of a company. Boy I was curious to find out what he did. To my surprised, he kept on mentioning to me that it was the Lord who brought him to where he is. I could not understand, but I made a decision to visit his church and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Weeks went on and I was going for jobs interview. I came out of 1 interview and thought that I missed it. It was the second interview with the Managing Director, yet I never mentioned about my expected salary. Right there in the lobby, I talked (I have yet to find out what Praying is) to Jesus. I told the Lord that I wanted the job. Not only that, I want them to offer me a salary higher than what I stated in my Resume. You know what? I got that job with an additional $500 than what I asked for in my Resume. Praise the Lord!

Since then, knowing that Jesus is my Savior, my provider, I have been walking with him. Though I still have challenges, but the Lord is always with me. By the lord’s grace, I have been receiving Jesus’ blessings.

In fact, if not for his Grace and protection; I may not be alive to share this blog with you.

I was driving my family out on the road and approached a T-junction. My wife is on my left side (we drive on right), while my eldest son seated right behind me. The light was green (even my wife saw it), and I am supposed to go straight and turn right. Just as I approached the junction, I was prompted to stop the car. I stopped in the midst of the green light with no cars coming from behind. Just then, a white Merc drove past us from our right side to our left. I got so angry and started cursing the driver only to realized that I was alive. If I went ahead, either myself or my eldest son maybe injured. Halliluyah!

Similar incident happened again after some time. I was driving my colleague out for lunch. I needed to turn right at a cross junction when the green arrow light appeared but did not. And suddenly a oncoming truck speed past the junction. Phew! Praise The Lord!

The Lord also provided me resources to setup various other websites; this blog is just one of my sites. You can visit my Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/ahotdeals, goto other pages, they will lead to my websites.


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