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“It is not the object of this book to ask anything of you, but to tell you that

salvation is ALL OF GRACE

, which means, free, gratis, for nothing.” Charles Spurgeon is a cornerstone of the Christian religion. A preacher and teacher, his sermons have spread all over the world and his many printed works have been treasured classic for decades.

All of Grace









All of Grace is a simple and eloquent presentation of basic salvation through grace alone. Spurgeon wants readers only to consume his work and ponder it, he asks nothing in return because he believes in the power of God to bring unbelievers to Him. As one reviewer puts it well: “[Spurgeon] brings the gospel to his readers with pointed illustrations, well-placed anecdotes, irrefutable arguments, heart-felt pleas, and (above all else) the plainly-spoken and rightly-applied word of God.” This short and easy read is both a perfect introduction to salvation and an assurance of it for unbelievers and the saved alike. In the last line, Spurgeon beseeches readers to accept salvation now and “Meet me in heaven.”


This classic elucidation of the gospel and call to faith, by one of the most renowned preachers of the 19th century, includes: To You What Are We At? God Justifies The Ungodly It Is God That Justifies Just and the Justifier Concerning Deliverance from Sinning By Grace Through Faith and more. Every person of faith will want to read Spurgeon’s inspiring words, through which his great and abiding love of Christ shines. British preacher CHARLES HADDON SPURGEON (18341892) frequently delivered sermons to audiences of more than 10,000 people. He also wrote The Treasury of David and Around the Wicket Gate, among many other works.”

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An Earnest Word with Those

Who Are Seeking Salvation

by the Lord Jesus Christ






“Where sin abounded,

grace did much more abound.”

Romans 5:20


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