God won’t leave you, even when you’re broken

Our latest video series, “I Am”, starts today.

A message from the Decibel team:

Hey Beloved,

How’re you doing this week?

We’ve just started on our latest series—I Am.  Over the next few weeks, we’re going to explore the truth about our identity as a child of God, and of God’s loving heart towards us.

Check out the first clip in our 7-part video series here 👇:

God won’t leave you, even when you’re broken

God won’t leave you, even when you’re broken

Ever felt tossed about by life and circumstances? And after coming out of the washing machine tumble of bad decisions, you feel a lot more vulnerable, and a lot less valuable? You’ve been bruised around the edges, somewhat chipped, dented and a lot more worse for wear.

The world throws broken things away without a second thought. But if only you could replace your broken heart, pride, or self-worth as easily as you’d replace a broken iPhone.

So maybe you’d expect that God would do just the same—throw you out into the discard pile because He finds no use in “damaged goods”. 

But the truth is, God doesn’t toss you out when you’re broken. The pieces of your life that you’re struggling to hold on to? He wants them, every single one of them. And He’s more than capable of putting these pieces, that you deem irreparable, back together again in an even more beautiful way.

Friend, God loves you on your worst days as much as He does on your best ones. Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit.” As you allow Him to draw near to you, see how He will love you ‘til you’re whole again. ??

Watch the video, and know how loved, cherished and valued you are by your loving Father today!

Praying for you,

Joey O
Team Decibel

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