How do I know I really have God’s favor?

Be 100% sure of this truth today.

A message from the Decibel team:

Hey Beloved,

If you’ve been around Christians for a while, you might be familiar with the saying, “I’m greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved!”

But if recent circumstances have left you feeling less than loved and not favored at all—I’m talking about difficult colleagues/bosses, tough seasons of waiting or closed doors every way you turn—we pray that the truths shared in our latest video will bring a word of encouragement to you:

When you aren’t seeing God’s favor in your life

Beloved, God’s good opinion of you never changes, and His favor upon you is irrevocable. It doesn’t wax and wane as our own feelings so often do. You stand permanently on favor ground today and even on the days when it doesn’t feel that way, God is working behind the scenes in YOUR favor (see Rom. 8:28).

If I could challenge you to do one thing, it would be to be so conscious of His favor upon you. In the gospel of John, John repeatedly addressed himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved (see John 13:23). He chose to personalize the love that Jesus had for him, and just like John did, you too can personalize God’s love and favor for you.

Say this aloud to yourself today: I am the one whom Jesus loves.

Friend, He loves you like you’re the only one on this earth. 💖

You’re His favorite,

Joey O
Team Decibel



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