Jesus & the Miracle of Debt Cancellation…

Jesus showed us that God works financial miracles through available people! Thank you, friend, for being available for God’s love to flow through you! 

Dear Friend,

God loves you and He cares for every detail in our lives, including our finances. A miracle of debt cancellation doesn’t sound very religious. We accept the miracle of salvation for the grossest sinners. We rejoice even when those who have abused their health are miraculously healed by grace.

Why is it hard for many to accept a financial miracle?

When we see tears flowing down the face of a small child who was blind and now can see, we respond “Oh Jesus is wonderful!” When we hear someone who was bound by addictions testify, we exclaim “God is a good God”.

It seems we easily identify God with miracles of salvation and healing. But financial miracles and supernatural debt cancellation sounds carnal to some, and yet there are many such examples in the Bible. 

Those who labored with Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem received debt cancellation (Neh. 5:1-12).

Onesimus, a debt-ridden slave, saw his debt cancelled (Philemon v. 18-19).

A widow woman received wisdom from the Lord and her debt was cancelled (2 Kings 4:1-7).

Grace TV’s debt cancellation is happening now! I shared in my letter last month that two-thirds of the $3.9 million debt has been removed without one penny from God’s people. We have $1.3 million left and $400,000 is needed by May 1st.

Here’s my thinking: Look what God has done. If $2.6 million of debt is gone, then God will surely move on the hearts of His people for the remaining $1.3 million. Here is something to consider.

Did you know that Jesus had a debt miraculously cancelled? 

Our initial reaction may be, “Jesus would never be in debt, it just doesn’t seem proper for the Son of God.” I agree that Jesus wasn’t in debt in some of the ways that people today are, but Jesus had a particular debt—taxes. 

I call taxes a “debt” because they are always paid in arrears. In that sense, your tax bill is never paid off. We read that a tax collector asked Simon Peter:

“Does not your master pay taxes?” (Matt 17:24)

The tax in question was the temple tax, and Peter answered that his Master paid taxes, but when he went to get money to pay the taxes, we read that:

“Jesus prevented him” (Matt. 17:25).

Why would Jesus prevent Peter from paying the taxes? Because Jesus was about to demonstrate a truth about miraculous debt cancellation.

Jesus told Peter, “Go to the sea, cast in a hook, and take the fish that comes up first. And when you have opened its mouth, you will find a piece of money; take that and give it to them for Me and you.” (Matt 17:27).

Believers easily agree that the coin in the fish’s mouth was a miracle of grace. Simon Peter did nothing to earn it. But it was more; when he pulled the coin from the mouth of the fish it was sufficient to pay the tax bill both for him and for Jesus.

Faith was involved. Peter could have told Jesus “You’ve got to be kidding! I don’t fish with a hook and I don’t look for a gold coin in a fish’s mouth. I’ve caught thousands of fish and I know that this will never work.”

Simon Peter believed the words of Jesus and he received the benefit.

Four months ago I was troubled and under pressure because of the debt from the purchase and startup of Grace TV. I added up what we still owed and it came to $3.9 million. Frankly that amount sounded so big I didn’t tell anyone, not our partners or our television viewers. I was too discouraged.

While in a Gospel Campaign in Indonesia, having a hard time to focus on the precious Indonesian people because of the financial pressure, I spoke to my Heavenly Father, in my little hotel room. 

“God, You are my Father. If I asked for my earthly father’s advice, he’d give it to me. Now I need Your wisdom to deal with this $3.9 million debt.” 

God gave me wisdom right there and then through a verse in the Bible that I didn’t even know was there, and now two-thirds of the debt is gone. ‘Why not all of it?’ you may ask. I believe I have the answer; God wants to give His people an opportunity to be blessed by participating in the miracle.

God worked through 120 available people on the Day of Pentecost.

A man had to be willing to release his donkey to carry Jesus into Jerusalem.

Jesus needed someone to roll away the stone before Lazarus could come out from the tomb.

Paul needed his Macedonian partners to believe and give, so that the Gospel would be heard.

God works through willing people and that’s what is happening now. We have just a few days to go for the first part of this 2012 VICTORY CAMPAIGN, and the $400,000 needed by May 1st.

I ask everyone who can to participate with a $500 seed gift, and to be included on the Wall of Victory. Each brick represents a gift of $500 or more. Whatever you are able to give, the key is that everyone participates as the Lord prompts you. You can also participate over the next five months. There is more information on your enclosed Response Form.

Plant your seed gift in faith:

1. Thank the Lord Jesus that He provided for Simon Peter’s financial needs and He is the same for you.

2. Click here and indicate the amount of your seed-offering. Include information on how you want your name displayed on the Wall of Victory.

3. Click here to fill in your prayer requests for the Grace Prayer Centre.

I will look for your response. Thank you in Jesus’ name!
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Peter Youngren

P.S. You can follow our telecast on Grace TV, as this miracle unfolds, or at We will have a special announcement on our website on May 2nd.

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