The Miracle is NOW!

Friend, The miracle is happening NOW! 2/3 of Grace TV’s debt has been removed without one penny from God’s people. 2012 is our year of TOTAL VICTORY!

Dear Friend,

First of all, thank you because you have been a friend of World Impact Ministries and also a friend of Grace Television here in Canada. Thank you for your prayers and your support since Grace Television launched in 2009.

I remember when I began in ministry over 30 years ago, travelling from town to town from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Sometimes I stayed in one place for up to six weeks preaching every night. Today, anywhere I go in our country, I meet people who were saved or healed in one of those early meetings.

Some people are critical about Canada and about the church, but my experience has been that Canadian believers have a heart for God, and Canadians are eager to get the Gospel out.

I stand amazed that God would use me. In fact, it has really nothing to do with me, God simply found me willing. That’s the way it is with all the partners and friends who make the ministry possible; we are willing.

I’m reminded of the old preacher who said “God isn’t looking for golden vessels or silver vessels; He’s only looking for plain, ordinary, yielded vessels.” That’s the Grace TV team, whether those who work in our offices, behind the cameras, or the thousands of partners and friends across Canada; we are just plain vessels yielded to God.

2012 is the breakthrough year for Grace Television. Let me explain the BIG MIRACLE that has already happened.

Since Grace TV began, we have faced two huge mountains, one to pay off the $5 million purchase and startup costs; two to bring Grace TV to a breakeven position. Step by step the debt has been removed, but we still needed $3.9 million to be totally debt free. There have been times when it looked like we were not going to make it, but each time God pulled us through with a miracle.

The lowest point was 4 months ago. We were under a lot of pressure to pay off everything owing. We had been putting it off, but these two mountains had to be dealt with: We needed $3.9 million and we needed it right away.

The amount was so big, I didn’t want to tell anyone. While I was in a Gospel Campaign in Indonesia last November, my heart became so concerned, that I had trouble focusing on the Lord while praying. I wanted to pray for the Indonesian people, but my mind wandered off to the financial needs of Grace TV.

I know I could have mentioned the need to you, but let me be totally honest, I felt $3.9 million is such a large amount that it would discourage people. Finally, I said to the Lord, “You are my heavenly Father. Grace TV is Your channel. Lord, speak to me, how to deal with this giant debt that’s been hanging over our shoulders for 3 years.”

Well, God answered me right there and then in that tiny hotel room in Indonesia. One day I’ll tell the details in a book– it’s too much for a letter. What God told me was completely contrary to what experts in the television industry had advised me, but God knows best. Here’s what has happened behind the scenes over the past three months.

By God’s grace we have been able to eliminate two-thirds of the finances owing, conditional on God’s people standing together to provide for the remaining one-third.

That’s right, $2.6 million of the overall debt has been lifted off, but we must pay the remaining $1.3 million this year.

After that, I’ll never again ask for your help for the purchase of the Grace Television channel. GRACE TV WILL BE PAID. THE DEBT WILL BE OUT OF THE WAY, FOREVER. HALLELUJAH! Then we can focus on doing so much more to reach people who really need to hear the Gospel.

The need for $1.3 million comes in two phases; the first challenge is for $400,000 by May 1st, then the second challenge will be for the end of November, 2012.

$2.6 million of the debt is gone, but we must pay the remaining $1.3 million this year. After that, this debt will be out of the way forever… $400,000 is needed now.

I’m reminded that the Lord provides our ‘daily bread’. We are trusting Him for the first $400,000 now.

One other victory report. Starting April 1st Grace TV will broadcast from Toronto. This will be cost-effective and will streamline the day to day operation to better serve our country. You will be able to follow on the nightly programming as we make this transition.

All this talk about the Grace TV channel, the building and being cost-effective is important, but it is not the vision…

The vision is people.

Buildings and TV channel are only there as a RESULT of the vision.

There is no denying, a miracle has happened. Grace TV’s debt has gone from $3.9million to $1.3million without one dollar coming from God’s people. The only condition is that we pay off that $1.3 million this year. Now hear my heart:


First, I need you to pray for Grace TV. Second, I need your help financially for the $400,000 needed by May 1st. Remember, every dollar you give is worth three.

  • $1,000 gift becomes $3,000
  • $500 gift becomes $1,500
  • $100 gift becomes $300

I am preparing a large brick wall, The Wall of Victory. It will be permanently displayed in our ministry headquarters in Toronto. Thousands of people go through this building every week, and I’m asking you to have your name on one of the bricks.

Every brick will represent a gift of $500 or more. Some may want to give for several bricks, while others may give $500 by sharing $100 a month for 5 months.

The key is that everyone participates regardless of the amount.

I’m asking you to make a sacrifice. Nehemiah asked the people to sacrifice, and then he said, “God…Himself will prosper us; therefore… arise and build.” (Neh. 2:20). Take that promise to your heart. We’re building a Gospel voice to the world, and “God Himself will prosper us”.

I’m overwhelmed with this thought… God is going to use us together in 2012, and what we do this year will keep on reaching people for Christ for many decades to come. What an awesome privilege.

Here is what I ask you to do:

1. Click here to indicate your investment in this miracle.
2. Fill out your name to be displayed on The Wall of Victory. You can also give in the name of a loved one, or if you prefer, your brick can display a favorite statement or a scripture reference.
3. Click here for your prayer request for The Grace Prayer Centre. I will believe for your TOTAL VICTORY.

Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for YOUR FAITH and YOUR LOVE for Christ’s Gospel! Together we are making history.

May God bless you richly.
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Peter Youngren

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