Praise Report: A Marriage Restored by God’s Love

Praise Report: A Marriage Restored by God’s Love

My husband and I have been married for 35 years. However, for many years, we had a very unhappy and depressing love-hate relationship. We thought that the marriage was our “cross” to bear and I was always asking God to change my husband and get him to see his errors. We sought counselling from the church and from numerous professionals. But, this always resulted in more fighting and unhappiness. I felt helpless and thought there was something mentally wrong with me.

I never felt loved and accepted in our marriage and I’m sure my husband felt the same. We were very inward-looking and always blaming each other. The root cause was the constant condemnation arising from the anger and unforgiveness we had for each other. I had no faith that our marriage could last, much less be a happy one.

Then, a miracle took place. In 2014, we started to listen to Pastor Prince’s messages online. Usually, we would not follow a particular minister but because Pastor Prince kept pointing us to Jesus and His finished work, we watched and listened to him every day. I’ve never heard this kind of teaching in all my years as a Christian.

Since hearing the message of grace, our minds have been transformed and our marriage restored! We have a newfound love for Jesus and for each other. We now endeavor to love and accept each other unconditionally just like how our heavenly Father loves and accepts us. My husband no longer gives me the silent treatment and I no longer feel like I have done something wrong all the time. What freedom this has brought us and our marriage!

That does not mean our marriage is perfect and we do not have challenges. But we refuse to allow strife to enter our marriage, and consciously choose to keep our hearts free from resentment, unforgiveness and selfishness. This can only happen when we know what we have received through Jesus and His finished work, as well as the great love our heavenly Father has for us.

I can honestly say that since I started listening to Pastor Prince, my life has been transformed. I am no longer controlled by fearful and anxious thoughts which I believe are linked to condemnation. I am firmly grounded in God’s grace and my righteous foundation in Christ.

Now, my husband and I have a small Bible study group where we gather fortnightly to study Pastor Prince’s book Live The Let-Go Life. This has been a wonderful time of encouraging one another to rest in Jesus and His finished work.

I am very thankful to Pastor Prince and New Creation Church for their dedication in bringing the gospel of grace to the world. I am sure marriages are being restored everywhere due to this message!

Jamie | Australia

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