Praise Report: Supernatural Provision for New Home after Partaking of the Communion

Praise Report: Supernatural Provision for New Home after Partaking of the Communion

Pastor Prince, we are a blended family with two young children. As a military family, we had to move often. We finally relocated to our home state after I retired from twenty-five years of service to my country.

When my husband became unemployed due to injuries, we suffered financially. We had to make life-changing decisions and urgently needed a new place to stay. The owners of the home we rented offered to sell it to us, but we couldn’t afford it. As a result, we had to move in ninety days.

This meant finding an affordable home near our workplace, relocating our family, and finding a new school for our kids in a short time. It was so stressful and overwhelming. It also didn’t help that I was suffering from migraines, insomnia, and anxiety.

I began to listen to your series, Health & Wholeness through the Holy Communion, and partook of the Communion every morning for thirty days. During this time, my credit score increased by 150 points. This qualified me for loans with very low interest rates.

In the end, we managed to close our loan and move into a home in thirty-two days. The loan officer had never seen this happen before. The home we purchased was new and fully furnished with quality fittings. Even the kitchen cabinets were full of utensils, pots, and pans. It felt like walking into a vacation home in a tropical oasis!

God’s overflow of blessings kept going on. The previous owner had left us his gardening tools, lawn equipment, and workshop. My husband is a gardener and landscaper by trade. Even our real estate agent was amazed and speechless at everything we had received!

That’s not all. The state granted monies for free breakfast, lunch, and bus fare for the next three years. Our kids’ schooling also received an overflow of God’s blessings. Praise the Lord!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the gospel of grace. We see more of Jesus through your preaching every day.

Anonymous | Hawaii, United States

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