For the days when the mind games feel like they’re winning…

God has something better you can hold on to.

A message from the Decibel team:

Hey Beloved,

Often, it feels like the battles within our minds are bigger than the ones we face outside. Defeating thoughts go head to head with what we’re told to think about ourselves. And it seems like no one is excluded from this, celebrities, pastors, leaders—we are all vulnerable to the mind games that go on in our heads.

So, how do we fight and win a battle that no sword or shield can work against? Hear all about it in our latest video:

How to win the battle in your mind

I know it can often feel like we’re powerless when it comes to the thoughts in our head. And it’s true, we can’t control what thoughts show up but we can choose which thoughts we allow to take root in our head.

You don’t have to be afraid of the battles that go on in your mind. You’re not powerless in this battle. Today, the sword and shield you wield are in the shape and form of what God says about you in His Word (see Eph. 6:14–18).

It’s not too late, and you’re not “too far gone” to be helped. Today, you can experience the victory and shalom peace that is found in Jesus. You are in Jesus and He is in you (see Gal. 2:20). You are found right in His unshakeable peace and you are found secure in His arms of love.

As you dive deep into His Word, see and hear His version of the story—of YOUR story. It is one that is glorious and beautiful.

Beloved, He sees you righteous, altogether lovely, and completely whole. That’s the truth. <3

Rooting for you,

Joey O
Team Decibel



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